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HDTV Owners Love HD Content – Who Could Have Guessed?

Sunrise Earth

It sometimes amazes me how boneheaded some businessmen are. The trend in video is toward HDTV, with a lot of people spending a lot of money to get them in large sizes. What these people are all looking for now is HD content. You can get some from cable or satellite service, but then you go and rent a movie and the best you can do is to play it with a standard DVD player. And I don’t want to hear about Blu Ray or HD DVD until you can tell me the one I choose is not the eventual loser in the format war.

That is why I do not find it surprising in the least that the Xbox Live Marketplace is doing well with it’s video download service – but obviously this has caught some Hollywood types off guard. They already have a large installed base of users, and many of these are likely to have HDTV’s. So the thought that these people would purchase HD content should surprise no one.

If Microsoft is listening, they will make more of an effort to towards HD content. The $1 premium they charge seems like a steal when there is no other good way to get the same quality content.

I have read stories of people who have watched Sunrise Earth just because it is in HD, and well done at that. I know my brother thinks I am kidding when I stop on that show for a while, but anything is watchable as long as it is in HD.


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