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Homemade Blade Driver Crossbow Fires Circular Saw Blades [Video]

Patrick Priebe created this saw blade-launching laser-sight equipped Blade Driver crossbow using a 15 x 0.8 mm spring steel bow, aluminum, brass and an exotic tropical wood called Santos Palisander.

It flings spinning Proxxon 50 x 0.8 mm circular saw blades along a Teflon slide, and subsequently through the air to an effective range of about five meters (16 feet) – depending on the target. Those blades get their spin from an adjustable electric motor that’s powered by four lithium-ion batteries, and that can get the blades spinning at speeds up to 6,000 rpm. Aiming of the crossbow is aided by an adjustable-mount 30-milliwatt green laser.

For obvious reasons, Priebe won’t share the plans for the weapon, but he did provide a demo video showing the crossbow in action. Check it out after the break.

(Laser Gadgets via Gizmag via Gizmodo)


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