Homemade Gadget Banishes Celebrities You Don’t Like From TV

Matt Richardson must have gotten tired of hearing the names “Kardasian” or “Snooki” on television because he developed an Arduino-controlled device that mutes the TV whenever offending names are mentioned.

The gadget dubbed “Enough Already” works by decoding the closed captioning transcription and seeking out words pre-programmed on a blacklist. When those words are detected, it sends a command to the remote to mute the television for 30 seconds (as long as the keyword isn’t mentioned again).

Just like that, it’s as if Charlie Sheen doesn’t exist.

We can also see this coming in handy for election year coverage or for parents trying to protect their children from inappropriate language. Of course, blocking out annoying celebs, politicians and foul language means you’ll probably be watching the DirecTV customer information channel exclusively. Good times.

Check out the video after the break to see “Enough Already” in action.

(via Make)


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