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Intel Unveils New Logo and Slogan

New Intel Logo (Mockup) Intel Inside Logo

Are they really that different?

Intel, the worlds biggest chipmaker, has announced that they will “scrap the 37-year-old “Intel Inside” logo as part of a major rebranding that will emphasize its shift away from its core PC business into consumer products.”

They have also announced that the slogan “Intel Inside” will be replaced by “Leap Ahead” – although the Inquirer is reporting that other corporations have already trademarked slogans that feature those two words. They also noted that Intel trademarked other slogans including “Intel Core Inside Duo” and “Intel Core Inside Solo.” Still, I would think that Intel would have little trouble getting what it wants in this situation.

“The company said that although the “Intel Inside” tagline will disappear, it will retain a marketing program with that name in which Intel helps PC makers advertise products that use its chips.”

As a graphic designer I would have to say that the logo is nothing more than a hybrid of the original “Intel Inside” logo and the standard Intel logo – and the slogan “Leap Ahead” is generic at best. I would think that “a major rebranding” would have involved something a little more substantial.

Source: Reuters

Update: 1/03/06: The official logos have been released to the public. Check out this Nerd Approved Article for more information.  

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