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Is Google Facing A Server Crisis?

GoogleIn a recent earnings conference call , Google C.E.O Eric Schmidt hinted that Google’s servers are choking on the enormous volume of web content out there – and the problem could be more serious than you think.

“Those machines are full. We have a huge machine crisis,” Schmidt said.

According to the Register, since January’s “Big Daddy” update many webmasters have complained that their sites aren’t being crawled regularly and that search results are returning old pages – or none at all. Could a lack of servers be to blame?

Unfortunately, it appears that even Google with all of it’s financial resources is still struggling to keep up with a bloated, spam filled internet. To make matters worse, the problem is not confined to a lack of machines – it extends to the search engines themselves.

The Register writes:

“There’s also the intriguing question raised by search engines that are unable to distinguish between nefarious sites and legitimate SEO (search engine optimization) techniques? The search engines can’t, we now know, blacklist a range of well-establish techniques without causing chaos. In future, will the search engines need to code for backward bug compatibility?”

Obviously, the full extent of the problem is only speculation at this point. However, Schmidt’s comments do utilize the words “machine” and “crisis,” so there is definitely some concern over the situation. Still, the IHT article that reveals the statement, written by Saul Hansell of the N.Y. Times, focuses mainly on how Google has “returned to favor” with investors.

If Wall Street isn’t phased by Schmidt’s comments maybe we shouldn’t be either. But if you think about it, a problem of this nature is inevitable. The internet is growing so rapidly that it seems impossible that a any one company could keep up.

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