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Jeff Tweedy is My Hero

Jeff Tweedy

Over at Yahoo news there is an interview with Jeff Tweedy (frontman for Wilco) – who is, in my opinion, one down to earth kinda guy. He basically states he sees no problem with file sharing and closing it would be like “closing a library.” The best part of the interview was when Tweedy said ” You can’t just sit in your home studio and crank out records and get rich” (*cough Metallica cough*).

I agree completely. As a matter a fact I would never purchase music from the cry babies like Metallica. I mean these guys make more in one year than I will in my entire life, yet they aren’t content. For the absurd amount these musicians make I feel that they should go on tour and really earn it. I mean yeah I would like to work from home and make millions, but times are changing. Get used to it.

The full article is available here.

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