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Jetpack Climbs To 5,000 Feet, Could Be Yours In 18 Months [Video]

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If Martin Aircraft Co has their way, civilians with $100,000 to spend could be flying around in their own jetpacks within 18 months.

As you will see in the video after the break, their Martin Jetpack system passed a major milestone recently as it transported a crash test dummy to 5000 feet and returned it to earth after a 10 minute flight using a ballistic parachute safety system.

“This test also validated our flight model, proved thrust to weight ratio and proved our ability to fly a jetpack as an unmanned aerial vehicle, which will be key to some of the jetpack’s future emergency/search and rescue and military applications,” said the pack’s developer, Glenn Martin.

Currently, the jetpack is 5-feet tall and 5-feet wide. It can produce 600 pounds of thrust with a range of 31.5 miles at a top speed of 63 mph.

Martin hopes to get its jetpack FAA certified as an ultralight aircraft and provide manned and unmanned versions to customers within 18 months. The price tag? Around $100,000. Needless to say, I’ll be waiting for version 2.0 because Apple has taught us that getting the first product in a line is always a sucker buy. Plus, buyer’s remorse is never more acute than when you are plummeting to earth with a giant rocket strapped to your back.

(via Wired)


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