Kia’s Wonder Woman Car Is Not Invisible


The latest vehicle from Kia to join the campaign for We Can Be Heroes features the one and only Wonder Woman. We’ve seen the Superman and Justice League models so far, and I’m glad to see a female superhero join the ranks. The Sportage model was build for charity and has plenty of amazing touches.

From Motor Trend:

…the Wonder Woman Sportage adds an aero kit, and is finished in a red and blue paint scheme accented with silver stars, much like the heroine’s outfit. The gold trim on parts of the CUV represent Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, while the Tiger Nose grille wears the Wonder Woman’s eagle chest-plate emblem. Blue headlight beams mirror her blue eyes, and the windshield is topped off with a tiara sticker. Chrome side panels represent her invisible jet, and the five-spoke wheels match the stars stamped on the side of the Sportage.

Open up the doors, and red upholstery is highlighted with blue LED accent lighting. The custom seats are embroidered with her logo, and the rear cargo area is decorated with stars and an eagle, along with a see-through panel that displays Wonder Woman’s bracelets, tiara, and her golden lasso.

The superhero car line up was built in support of We Can Be Heroes, a charity which helps families dealing with famine and drought in Africa.

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(via WOS)


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