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KITT For Sale: Hasselhoff Not Included


A car collector in California has a fully restored KITT from Knight Rider for sale for $149,995. The owner felt it was time to test the market with the 25th anniversary of the show coming up.

The 1982 Trans Am has a fully functioning red scanner light on the front that also makes that odd humming sound. The interior has plenty of colorful lights in green, yellow and red showing some of the following functions: Ski Mode, Rocket Boost, Micro Jam, Silent Mode, Oil Slick and Eject.

Just as a side note, it does not include any of the sarcastic one liners that drove the show. Some other things it does not have: cannot go 300 MPH, fly through the air and throw car bombs, drive itself, talk or be driven street legal because of missing smog equipment.

Loosen up the purse strings people, this is KITT!! There are only four in the world, and two are in museums. If you can manage to get this car, you will be forever reminded of David Hasselhoff, too. That is a good thing, right?


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