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Large Hadron Collider Smashes Lead Ions To Create Mini Big Bangs

Remember when everyone was freaked out that the scientists at CERN would end the world by using the The Large Hadron Collider housed there?

Well, it turned out the scientists there have successfully created a “mini-Big Bang” and, while they generated “dense fireballs that have temperatures of about 10 trillion °C.”, we’re all still here.

There’s a lot of science here that I’ll admit to not understanding fully, but the short story is that, on November 7th, they switched from protons and began smashing lead ions head on—and the resulting explosion and heat allows researchers a a glimpse of what may have happened just after the Big Bang.

Considering we have no way to travel back to see the actual Big Bang and considering man’s thirst for knowledge on where we came from, I’d say it’s pretty exciting.

p.s. Why do I hear Penny Pritty in my head saying “Like a mini big bang. bang!”

(via New Scientist)


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