Man Builds a Working Hoverbike!

Australian Chris Malloy has made himself an actual hoverbike that he claims can achieve speeds of 173 mph and altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet. Sounds like every Star Wars fan’s dream right?

Unfortunately, don’t expect to be dodging trees in while blazing through the forest anytime soon. Thus far, it has done little more than hover three feet while tethered to the ground.

However, if and when it ever does become a viable form of transportation, you won’t need a license to pilot it since it would be classified as an ultralight. And the final product could be as affordable as some higher-end motorcycles.

Who knows, maybe you will be crashing into trees and exploding sometime in the near future after all. Check out some more pics of the bike after the break.

(Hoverbike via Gizmag)


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