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Microsoft HD Support

Microsoft has announed that it will support the CableCARD in its version of the Windows Vista Media Center. On the plus side, it is about time that Microsoft is supporting HD compatibility. The people that are experimenting and using Media Center PC’s are the same people that have HD sets and are looking for HD compatible equipment, so I don’t really understand the length of time it has taken for them to support this. The ability to have a Media Center PC that handled all of my multimedia needs as well as tying in with my wireless network to stream content throughout my home would be a huge bonus. There are two downsides to this at this point: 1) That Windows Vista is not planned to ship until late 2006, and 2) That they will utilize their Windows Media DRM solution that I am no fan of.

I can envision the ease of use and availability of all types of multimedia when we get to the point of a converged solution for a Media Center PC. While the features we are looking for could be achieved by putting together a hardware and software bundle today, the interoperability between the applications would not lead to the ultimate user experience. I don’t need it to be some over-simplified, idiot -proof solution, I am just looking for something that would let me have a central repository for a mobile solution within my home. And throw in RF remote capability , just to make me happy.


Posted by Jeff


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