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Microsoft Vista Delayed (Again)

Microsoft has announced that it is delaying its consumer version of Vista until 2007. They say they will release Vista to their big business customers as planned in November.

They say that the need to enhance security was going to leave manufacturers and retailers too little time to prepare in order to be able to launch it in November. This will be a blow to all retailers that were not only hoping to capitalize on the OS driving sales, but, probably more importantly, the need for many users to purchase hardware upgrades. This will also affect the hardware suppliers that were gearing up and planning marketing strategies in order to capitalize on the November launch to meet their year end targets. Guess all of these companies now need to come up with another plan, or revise their forecasts down with the delay.

It is nice that Microsoft is declaring this now so that everyone has time to plan and isn’t hit with this news at the last minute, but of course delays are the norm for large scale Microsoft product launches. It would have been foolish for these other companies to bank on the November date. Still, to claim that a company as large as Microsoft is doing this because some programmers were going to be a couple weeks late does not seem like it tells the whole story. I cannot believe they couldn’t just add some more resources and cut just a couple weeks out of the schedule with this much time remaining until launch, especially since this will be the first new OS since XP launched back in 2001.


Posted by Jeff


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