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Music Companies Fixing Prices?

Wouldn’t it be absolutely perfect to see the music labels dragged into court on price fixing charges? The Department of Justice is looking at the music industry to see if digital music prices are being set by illegal means, that is by colluding with one another to keep them artifically high. This follows the lead of NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer who began a similar investigation. Word is that some subpoenas may have already been issued with more to come.

With all the people that the RIAA has been taking to court because of music piracy, supposedly to protect their rights and revenue streams, I would love to see them pay a huge fine, but more importantly be forced to lower all digital music prices. It would be like them shooting themselves in the foot, and it would serve them right. Even if there is not enough evidence unearthed to charge them, the issue will remain on the Fed’s radar, and that alone should cause the record companies to be more careful. Maybe this will even help Sirius and Apple in their coming negotiations with the music industry.

Posted by Jeff


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