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Net Neutrality Bias

I have to wonder how far the telco’s reach is when an opinion piece on TechNewsWorld questions those that are pushing for net neutrality by saying “A broad range of inexpert celebrities and organizations, from actress Alyssa Milano to the Feminist Majority Foundation, have declared support for fresh government intervention in the online market”. She goes one step further toward making us think the telco’s have some control over her when she says “If the loss of net neutrality principles was really a problem, advocates wouldn’t need to scare Americans in order to win their support.” What?? I think you have the scare tactics attributed to the wrong side.

Net neutrality opponents are also fond of calling net neutrality increased government regulation, so that all those who don’t know what they are talking about are reflexively made to think that is true and must be a bad thing. Quite the opposite. What you have is simply the telco’s salivating at the profits that online companies are making. And while calling net neutrality increased government regulation is fairly dishonest, their claim that these large companies are getting a free ride somehow is blatantly false. Companies like Google pay HUGE bandwidth bills, so to say they are getting a free ride is just not true. There are valid points on both sides, and though I am on the side of net neutrality, I am would not use false statements and spin to make my case.


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