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New Microsoft License Required for Upgraded Motherboard

I have seen this story about Micorosft requiring a new OS license if you change your motherboard in a system that has an OEM Microsoft license. They seem to be making a big deal of it, but I really don’t see the problem.

The first complaint is that this directly affects DIY builders. I disagree. Lets remember that we are only talking about OEM licenses. The odds that you are buying a mass produced PC that you later to upgrade the motherboard on are pretty slim. If you really are doing something like that, then you basically are buying a new computer. I do agree that if you a have Windows OS license and you make a new PC, that you should be able to basically transfer that license to the new machine. That can be argued. However, if you build a machine and buy a retail version of Microsoft’s OS, then you are able to transfer it. Since that is how almost all people who upgrade would have started, then the issue is with a small number of OEM purchasers. Doesn’t make it right, but it at least reduces the impact.

In the end, if enough users feel that these are draconian enough measures, they could change their OS. Then Microsoft may be forced to change their license agreement. But based on the number of users this affects along with the fact that the retail version does not have this limitation, I am not sure that this is as big a deal as it is being made out to be.

Source: Aviran’s Place

Posted by Jeff


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