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No Vista on Intel Mac’s

Contrary to what everyone has hoped, it looks like you will not be able to run Microsoft Vista on Apple’s Intel Mac’s. The confusoin has been understandable. The Intel Mac’s support the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), and Microsoft has said that Vista would support it as well. However, Intel Mac’s only run 32 bit processors, and the version of Microsoft Vista that supports EFI is 64 bit only.

“I don’t think so” he said, when asked whether Intel Macs should easily run Vista. Esfahani was speaking at the Intel Developer Forum here–to a packed room despite the session being the last of the conference.

I would think that Microsoft would have more of a vested interest to run their software on Intel Mac’s than Apple would. It really would not benefit Apple, beyond the ability for users to use all their current software on a new platform. Not to underestimate that market, but I think that most non-technical users run what is installed on their computers when they receive it. The users that would run Vista would certainly intiially be the tech savvy user, who is a minority in the realm of the entire installed computer base.

While Apple has never come out and said that they will discourage the use of Microsoft software on thier PC’s, they have certainly not advocated it. This leaves them in a very flexible position: they do not discourage the use of Microsoft software, but they are not actively working them to change that. In the meantime they can just claim that Microsoft is not supporting their hardware and there is nothing they can do about that.


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