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OSX On a PC? Parallels Could Make It Happen Soon


If you are a regular reader of Nerd Approved, you know that I am a huge fan of Parallels virtualization software. Being able to run multiple OSes on my computer has obvious benefits, but up until this point it is a feature that can only be enjoyed by Mac owners.

However, CNN is reporting that an upcoming version of Parallels could make running OSX on a PC a reality…by accident. Apparently, this feature wasn’t really planned, it was a “consequence of the nature of the technology” especially now that Intel has built virtualization into its chips.

While Steve Jobs will undoubtedly resist the idea of OSX running on non-Mac hardware, CNN points out that there is already huge pressure being placed on the company to break away from its proprietary way of thinking. The bottom line is that Apple is going to have to cooperate at some point – this sort of functionality on a PC is an inevitability. It is only a matter of time before the lines between Mac owners and PC owners will begin to blur.



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