Of Course A Guy That Works At Pixar Would Make A Robot This Cute

peek a boo robot

Alonso Martinez, a technical director with Pixar, developed what might be one of the cutest robots in existence. Her name is Mira, and she’s designed to be a sort of “desk companion.” She uses a facial tracking system to interact with users, and she thoroughly enjoys playing “peek-a-boo”.

Unfortunately, while Mira is pretty flippin’ cute, there isn’t any word just yet concerning if and when the robot might be made available to the public. The good news is that development is ongoing, so there’s hope.

Watch the video after the break…

Here are a few words from Alonso about Mira:

Mira is a desk companion that makes your life better one smile at a time. This project explores human robot interactivity and emotional intelligence. Currently Mira uses face tracking to interact with the users and loves playing the game “peek-a-boo”. As her understanding of the world and people’s emotions get richer so will her ability to interact with people in a more meaningful way.

(IEEE Spectrum via Gizmodo / GIF: Nerd Approved)


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