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QWERTY Fridge Magnets

QWERTY Magnets

The website describes QWERTY magnets as “fabulously romantic as they spell out LOVE Ü or MISS U. Ideal for the fridge or filing cabinet, they really are the perfect gift for smitten tech-heads who need things spelt out. Better still, they’re not half as soppy as most romantic message-style magnets. In fact they’re rather chic in an executive-in-love kind of way.

This would be a fun product if they diversified beyond “LOVE U” and MISS U.” Let’s face it, romance is not the strong suit of the average nerd. Sarcasm and putdowns, on the other hand, are right up our alley – and that would require more letters. That is why I would forgo spending $8.95 for 5 measly letters and go find an old keyboard and make these things yourself.

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