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Remote Controlled Pen


Author Margaret Atwood has developed a device called the “Long Pen” that will allow her to sign books for her fans from thousands of miles away.

“I think of this as a democratizing device,” said Atwood, whose appearances draw hundreds of fans willing to stand in long lines for a word and an autograph.

“You cannot be in five countries at the same time. But you can be in five countries at the same time with the LongPen.”

The author simply writes text on an electronic pad and it is reproduced at a distance via a electronic arm holding a pen.

The firm that produces the device, Unotchit (“you no touch it” ) says that it plans to lease the device to publishers for one time signing events or tours.

Personally, I think that Unotchit is missing the boat on this one. People only care about autographs because it is proof of face-to-face contact. Who is going to stand in line to get a book signed by a robotic arm?


Posted by Sean


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