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Review : Archos AV700 Mobile DVR

On the surface, this product looks fantastic – It features a huge 7” LCD (480×234 pixels with 262,000 colors), 40 and 100 GB models, it plays AVI, MPEG-4 (DivX 4/5), and both protected and unprotected Windows Media Video 9 files (it also includes conversion software), it can serve as a music player, a photo album, a portable hard drive, a poor-man’s game system, and it can be hooked up all kinds of external video sources for recording purposes.

However CNET’s Review of the Archos AV700 uncovered some problems:

“With its 7-inch-wide screen, TV-friendly recording capabilities, and kitchen-sink roster of media features, the Archos AV700 would seem to be the ideal traveling companion for movie buffs, couch potatoes, and music fans alike. However, it’s expensive–$600 and $800 for the 40GB and 100GB models, respectively–and far too bulky to slip into a pocket. What’s more, while the AV700 does a fine job of recording video from external sources, such as a TV, it offers no clear-cut way to play back wide-screen movies or, for that matter, wide-screen TV. Thus, the sizable screen goes largely to waste. Further complicating matters, converting video files is a hassle, and the screen itself isn’t that great, though its wide viewing angle should accommodate everyone in the backseat. Ultimately, the AV700 is best suited to tech-savvy users who have cash to burn and a firm belief that a bigger screen makes for a better personal media player.”

Generally, most of the opinions that I have come across seem to agree that the AV700 is a step in the right direction as far as PVPs are concerned. It is certainly the best product of its type on the market- so If you are a gadget freak that has a little money to burn the AV700 may be for you.

Archos AV700 Mobile DVR

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