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Review: Cowon A2 Media Player

Looking for a media player rather than just a plain old MP3 player? The Cowon A2 is a well rated product, delivering on its promise of nice video on a 4″ screen and good audio performance as well. If they could just add the ability to support the Windows Media Player DRM standard, they would have a much more competitive product. As it is, it would be worth a look. Competes directly with the Archos AV500, but comes in an average of $75 cheaper. Priced at $400 for the 20Gb version, and $450 for the 40 GB version, it could be just what you need. Check out the specs at Cowon’s website.

Cnet: The Cowon A2 is a sleek portable video player with a bright, wide-screen color LCD, as well as full multimedia recording and playback capabilities, but it’s not the most efficient device. Plus, it’s in desperate need of Windows Media DRM 10 (Janus) compatibility.

dapreview: To sum it all up: for watching videos on-the-go, the primary function of a portable media player, Cowon’s A2 scores a win over the Archos AV500 and the Creative Zen Vision. It offers a good value and great performance. Recommended.

PC Magazine: As with many of its products, Cowon really comes close on this one—especially with its excellent video battery life—but for the extra $50, we’ll give up the A2’s FM tuner in favor of the AV500’s better video quality, smaller and lighter body, better accessory set, DRM support, and replaceable battery.

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