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Self-Cleaning Underwear: Go Weeks Without Washing

Self Cleaning Fabric

Scientists for the U.S. Air Force have developed self-cleaning fabrics by attaching nanoparticles to clothing fibers using microwaves. Then, chemicals that repel water, oil, and bacteria are bound to the particles thereby creating a protective barrier to grossness that even your junk can breach.

Jeff Owens, one of the scientists who worked to develop the process, said, “During Desert Storm, most casualties were from bacterial infections—not accidents or friendly fire. We treated underwear for soldiers who tested them for several weeks and found they remained hygienic. They also helped clear up some skin complaints.”

The military also spent a reported $20 million to develop the fabric, so if and when this technology hits store shelves, expect the price of your BVDs to skyrocket.

LiveScience / TRF


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