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Senator Tries to Rein in FCC Over Broadcast Flag

CapitolIt isn’t often I appreciate what the Senate does, and for good reason. But John Sununu, a New Hampshire Republican, has announced that his office is working on legislation to prevent the FCC from attempting to mandate that hardware manufacturers build in support for the broadcast flag.

The broadcast flag is essentially DRM for broadcast shows. They have the technology to add the broadcast flag to the programs, but if no device that could record it is made to look for it, then it is useless.

The FCC tried mandating that hardware manufacturers build in support, but the courts rightly ruled that the FCC had overstepped its bounds. This legislation would just prevent the FCC from continuing to try to find a way to enforce their wishes. Mr. Sununu rightly believes that regulations like this should come from the law making branch of government that was elected by the public.

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