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Steve Wozniak Criticizes Apple Over iPod and Intel

AppleApple co-founder and hardware mastermind Steve Wozniak had some harsh words for Apple in a recent interview with the Globe and Mail.

Although Wozniak has not been seriously involved with the company since 1985, he is still on the company’s payroll out of “loyalty” and his opinion is still respected in the industry.

Wozniak on the Intel switch:

“It’s like consorting with the enemy. We’ve had this long history of saying the enemy is the big black-hatted guys, and they kind of represent evil. We are different, and by being different we’re better,” he said. “All of a sudden we’re the same in this hardware regard, so it’s a little hard to swallow your words from the past.”

“Still, the switch to Intel is a necessary one from an engineering standpoint,” he said. “Intel just did a very good logic design. [However] if it wasn’t needed, I would say we shouldn’t do it. And I still have some questions as to how much it’s needed.”

Wozniak on the iPod:

“We’re a computer company, and we really think computers. Spinning off a separate division makes a whole lot of sense.”

Wozniak on Microsoft:

“I hope Microsoft improves and becomes more like Apple.”

Obviously Wozniak is still clinging to the old school values that were a part of the original vision for Apple. His opinions may be a little antiquated, but I can’t help but feel a little refreshed by them.

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