The Best of Nerd Approved: Halloween 2010 Edition

Since today is that special day, it’s time to take a look back and list the top ten Halloween related products posted on Nerd Approved in the past year. Enjoy!

10 Terrifying Halloween Gadgets: If you have forgotten about the true meaning of Halloween, the following gadgets should be scary enough, creepy enough and just plain weird enough to remind you.

Star Trek Hotties Halloween Pumpkins: As far as pumpkins go the Trek Gals series by The Pumpkin Geek is pretty sweet looking.

Vampire Android Figure: Set for a Halloween release

Angel of Death Hearse: The ultimate Halloween prop

ShockGunz: Like gatling guns that make you poop your pants

Doctor Who Prisoner Zero Ceiling Hanger: Set for a November release

Living Dead Doll: Want To Be A Living Dead Doll For Halloween?

Bruce Campbell: Raising the dead In holy matrimony

Trailer: First full trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 debuts

Full-Size Power Loader Costume From Aliens: Make your own

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