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The ChemKeg Dominator Dewar Flask Stein Keeps 4.3L Of Beer Ice Cold With Science

Designed by a former cryogenics technician, the ChemKeg Dominator might just be the most advanced beer stein you will ever get alcohol poisoning from. Using a high quality Pope Scientific bench top dewar flask (a vacuum thermos commonly used to hold liquid nitrogen) it can keep 4.3 liters of beer ice cold until the last drip spills as you and the stein fall to the floor. But that’s not all—it can also keep liquids hot for extended periods of time. Think about a mug with over a gallon of piping hot coffee.

I’ve made this stein using a Pope Scientific bench top dewar flask because the former croygenics technician in me won’t let me use an inferior quality dewar. I’ve found Pope dewars still holding good vacuum after 30 years. This is, for all intents and purposes, the very best thermos you’re ever going to find. It is quite common to fill these with liquid nitrogen, let it sit on the lab bench, and when you come back three days later there will still be liquid nitrogen in it.

Now imagine what it can do for beer.

Your last sip of beer will be as cold as your first. A margarita of this size is best shared with eight of your closest friends, but it will be frosty all the way down.

It will keep hot things hot just as well as it keeps cold things cold. That’s an awful lot of hot coffee. Sleeping is for the weak.

The stein is currently sold out, but it looks like he will take custom orders provided that you are willing to spend the $375.

Product Page ($375 via The Awesomer)


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