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The Crovel Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Shovels

Send me out into the wilderness with a Crovel (and maybe a sandwich) and I’ll build a new, better civilization from scratch. And I will be the king, nay, GOD of that new civilization. The person that wields the Crovel rules the world.

Basically, the Crovel is the Swiss Army Knife of shovels. At its heart the Crovel is a shovel and a crowbar, but it is also an axe, hammer, shovel, bottle opener, saw, machete and more. It even has 15-feet of parachute cord so you can use it as a grappling hook if the situation calls for it.

All-in-all, it replaces 13 tools in your survival toolkit for only $85. Imagine what MacGyver could do with this thing.

Product Page ($85 via Uncrate)


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