This Handmade Fully Automatic Gauss Rifle Can Destroy Your Laptop For Fun [Video]


NA reader Jason Murray likes to build cool things to blow other things up. We previously wrote about his CG-33 1.25kJ Coilgun, so when he tipped us to his new CG-42 Gauss Machine Gun, you know we had to post it.

Jason writes, “It’s a home made, portable coilgun that fires in semi-auto and full-auto modes. Full auto fires 7.7 rounds per second, and the steel projectiles are powerful enough to break glass jars and break apart a laptop screen (about 138 fps, and 11 joules of muzzle energy).”

There’s science involved here and I admit, that’s not my forte. Me? I just had a good time watching the ‘splodey.

See the rifle in action after the break.

If you want more details, you can check out the full description on Delta-V.

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