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Windows Vista Ship Date

Windows Vista
Business Week is reporting that an internal Microsoft blog of Chris Jones, one of Microsoft’s top Windows execs, has set a Windows Vista ship target of August 31, 2006. Based on previous offerings, this would mean it could be availabe to consumers in October. While it remains to be seen if they can actually meet this target, Chris Jones has stated that he will not accept a bonus if they cannot meet the August dealine for release of a high quality product. They have previously only commited to shipping it in the second half of 2006, which many assumed to mean closer to the end of the year.

You would think that a company like Microsoft would be able to set more reasonable goals for release of their products. However, I do prefer that they delay releases rather than put out a buggy product just to meet a date. And while I understand the complexity of their undertaking, it would be nice to see them come even close to meeting deadlines they announce, rather than just being vague about actual release dates.

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