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Yan Panasjuk Explains Why He Spent $335K On Virtual Real Estate

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Remember that guy who spent $335,000 buying property in the MMORPG Entropia Universe? Well, his name is Yan Panasjuk, and Forbes contacted him to find out what in the hell he was thinking. He explained himself thusly:

“When motion pictures were first invented there were a lot of critics saying that it is a novelty act and it would never amount to anything nor will be able to make any real money once the novelty wears off – last time i checked Avatar has grossed 2.7 billion dollars world wide. Most recent example is MTV and Internet but then you know those stories well enough. Virtual Universe is the next logical step in world entertainment and although there are a lot of critics and people shaking heads it is here to stay and take its ranks among the greats.”

Buying virtual property doesn’t really seem like the same thing as investing in a movie that you plan on selling to the masses for $10 a pop. I mean—if we could all jack in and live in this virtual world in a more tangable way, that might make more sense. But still, the fact is that guys like this are making over six figures investing in real estate that doesn’t actually exist—so it’s hard to argue the point.

(Forbes via Gizmodo)


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