All 2400 Pages Of Death Note Manga Published In One Super Chunky Volume


Look at this thing. Make the mistake of laying it across your chest at night while reading and you might be crushed to death…or Death Note as it were.

Indeed, you can buy Death Note manga in a sensible 12 volume set on Amazon for $69, or you can try and hunt down this massive 2400 page volume that was released last week in Japan by Shueisha. It was only 2500 yen ($24) which is a damn good deal if you ask us. For that price you get the entire story AND a fun way to strength train. So, it’s not surprising that the books sold out quickly. Hopefully, there are still enough trees left on the planet to make more sometime in the future.

On the plus side, Death Note fans still have that Netflix film starring Willem Dafoe to look forward to in 2017. Check out another pic of the giant book below.




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