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3D Printing Brings Trilobite Fossils To Life


As a professor of biochemistry at the University of Chicago, Dr. Allan Drummond thought it would be a great idea to 3D print a trilobite, or more specifically the Ceraurus pleurexanthemus species. He notes:

So I looked at as many ceraurids as I could find, and made 2D drawings, first in pencil, then in Inkscape, to provide guides for the 3D modeling. The initial goal was not to model a specific species, but to capture the organism in a recognizable way. The eyes are larger and more stalked in the drawings, and present model, than in Ceraurus, among a huge number of features that are just wrong. At the same time, any knowledgeable person can identify the genus immediately. Over time, I’ve been pushing the model closer and closer to identifiable species, influenced in large part by the folks on FF who can identify species instantly from details of an isolated hypostome. No pressure!

After creating a 3D model in Blender, he printed out examples in clear and black resin before proceeding with stainless steel, bronze, and silver. The resulting sculptures are surprisingly stunning.

Check out more pics below.






(TFF via Nerdist via Giz)


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