40 Foot Dragon Skull Appears On Beach For Game of Thrones Promotion

game of thrones dragon skull 1

Imagine you’re taking your usual morning walk on the shore and suddenly you see a new addition to the familiar landscape: a 40 foot dragon skull! I don’t know about you, but I’d freak right out and call everyone – after tweeting about it of course. A gigantic dragon skull did appear on Charmouth Beach in Dorset, England, but it’s not a new species – it’s a promotional tool for Game of Thrones. The marketing geniuses at Blinkbox have season three of the series available for streaming, and they wanted to announce it with flair. They can chalk this up in the success column.

The dragon skull was sculpted over a two month period by three people. I’m not sure how they got it into place but part of me hopes they leave it as a permanent installation. It could spawn so many fun urban legends.

Check out more images after the break.

game of thrones dragon skull 2

game of thrones dragon skull 3

game of thrones dragon skull 4

(CBM via Geekologie)


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