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This Footage From A ’70s ‘Star Trek’ Mall Convention Is A Charisma-Free Blast From The Past


This is weird to watch – it’s footage from a Star Trek convention that took place at the Northglenn Mall in Denver, Colorado all the way back in 1976. It was shot on Super 8 film and digitized for our enjoyment!

The piece has a weird, almost sneering tone to it – the guy hosting the segment is dismissive, confrontational and doesn’t seem to take his role here all too seriously. But then, given that he has the charisma and screen presence of an ingrown toenail, perhaps he has already been punished enough.

Still, the piece as a whole proves that little has changed over the years. Anyone who’s been to a con can certainly relate. Plus it features some delightful period footage of late Trek actors Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan, neither of which can actually be heard in the video, and a period look at the mall itself, which was barely a decade old when this piece was recorded and would be demolished some 21 years later (a little fact for all the mall aficionados out there).

(via BoingBoing)


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