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8 Extremely Nerdy Talents Caught On Video

Don’ t think you have any talent? Perhaps you should broaden your definition of what a “talent” actually is. For example, you may be really good at multitasking, identifying Star Wars minifigs with your mouth, reciting all 79 Star Trek episodes in order, or, simply wearing an assload of ironic t-shirts.

Girl with the ability to identify Star Wars minifigs with her mouth:

Guy dresses like Jason Voorhees to carve Bioshock’s Big Daddy in a tree stump:

Takuo Toda sets the record for flying a paper airplane:

Dude sets record for wearing the most t-shirts at one time (many of them ironic):

Mr. Domino sets world record by toppling 4,491,863 dominoes:

Fastest text message ever sent on Samsung Omina II thanks to Swype technology:

Nerd breaks speed record for reciting all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek in broadcast order:

Girl balances 15 books on her head while reciting Pi and solving a Rubik’s Cube:


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