A Beautiful Miniature Bag End

bag end header

Maddie started a massive project in March of 2009: she began building a miniature replica of Bag End. Her version of Bilbo and Frodo Baggin’s home is gorgeous and packed with a crazy number of details like the vegetable garden, the dishes in the kitchen, and the fireplace. No surface was left untouched. The top of the hill comes off so you can peek into the inside.

She applied the techniques she learned from making miniature scenery for Warhammer to creating the hobbit hole, and it looks so cozy I’d like to shrink myself so I could move in.

Check out photos of the details after the break.

bag end 1

bag end 3

bag end 2

bag end 4

bag end 5

bag end 6

bag end 7

(Madshobbithole’s Blog via GC)


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