Artist Gives Fellow Commuters Nerdy New Heads

commute drawing 1

When you spend part of every day commuting, it can get boring. October Jones, of Text from Dog fame, spent some of his time on trains in late 2012-early 2013 drawing new and cartoon-y heads for his fellow passengers. It looks like he based the heads on the commuter’s outfit. The person dressed in red (pictured above) became Spidey, and others got Batman, Hellboy, or Waldo heads. Though it’s not exactly subtle – you might get caught taking the picture – it’s a fun enough idea that people probably won’t mind.

Check out more of the illustrated heads after the break.

commute drawing 2

commute drawing 3

commute drawing 4

commute drawing 6

commute drawing 7

commute drawing 8

commute drawing 5

(via GAS)


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