Artists Turns More Thrift Store Paintings Into Geeky Masterpieces

thrift store painting - tardis

Artist Dave Pollot gives paintings he finds in thrift stores a new life. A cooler and geekier life. We first saw his creations earlier this year, and he’s still hard at work transforming plain ol’ landscapes into works of science fiction. His gallery of redone oil paintings includes a TARDIS in a quiet scene, Dr. Zoidberg on a beach, Chewbacca in a forest, and more. I’m in love with his reimagined art.

See more paintings after the break.

thrift store painting - chewie

thrift store painting - falcon

thrift store painting - futurama

thrift store painting - mario kart

thrift store painting - stay puft



Product Page ($15 and up via Laughing Squid)


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