Bars and Coffee Shops That Speak Geek

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We all want to find the bar where everyone knows your name. But when you can’t find that, just head for the place where everyone will recognize your Rebel Alliance necklace.

If a bar or coffee hang-out has anything geeky, I will go. Build a Stargate, we will come. Besides the fact that it is just cool, it’s also a giant welcoming mat for people that might feel out of place at hipster joints. Proprietors don’t just put in a TARDIS because it’s cool. Well, they probably don’t. Chances are they are a huge, passionate fan. You walk in knowing that you’ll have something to talk about, that there’s already a connection, that you have a place. That you might even get to geek out with someone about the exact scale of Slave I. It makes a big difference. Here are some places where you can get your geek on.

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