Beautiful Minimalist Game Of Thrones Fan Art

GoT fan art 1

Game of Thrones may be on a long break, but we won’t forget about it. If anything, looking at fan art helps fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in my heart. This minimalist character art by Jerry Liu definitely helps me get through. He’s created simple and lovely illustrations of Oberyn Martell (with a wine glass of course), Jon Snow and Ghost, Arya Stark, Melisandre, and more. A couple of the images are even animated.

See more of the series after the break. There are very mild spoilers if you’re not current on the television show.

GoT fan art 2

GoT fan art 3

GoT fan art 4

GoT fan art 5

GoT fan art 6

GoT fan art 7

GoT fan art 8

GoT fan art 9

GoT fan art 10

(via PCM)


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