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Bored Nerds Create A Spectacularly Temporary Superhero Post-It Mural At The Office


These guys are dedicated. Not to their job it seems, but to seeing a nerdy project through to completion regardless of how pointless it is.

The walls of most offices are pretty drab and not at all fun to stare at for eight hours every day. So, Redditor bruck7 solved the problem by carefully mapping out pictures of superheroes that he and his coworkers then constructed out of Post-it notes. The final product looks awesome, but it’s not going to last.

He says that most of them are sticking pretty well, although a few have been replaced. He’s not making any attempt to keep it there permanently since the office is moving and in the next six months he’ll have a whole new set of walls to decorate.

See more pictures after the break.

(via Reddit)


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