Buy A Swiss Bank Vault With Enough Gold To Make Smaug Happy [Video]

swiss bank account for sale 1

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be Smaug or go swimming through coins just like Scrooge McDuck? If you have the resources, you can become the proud owner of a Swiss bank deposit safe – aka money swimming pool. It’s the original bank safe “Schweizer Volksbank” and was built in the early 20th century. The new owner will get the safe with 1619 deposit boxes (with all the keys) and 8 million pieces of Swiss 5 cent coins. It can also be moved to anywhere in the world. This makes me want to figure out how to take a bath in money.

See more pics and a couple of videos after the break.

swiss bank account for sale 2

swiss bank account for sale 3

(James Edition via LL via Geekologie)


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