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Edmonton, Canada Wants To Build a 1,000-Foot Wolverine Statue

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Apparently building giant statues to fictional heroes is a thing now. First we had the RoboCop statue in Detroit and now Edmonton, Canada is looking at building a Wolverine statue. It all started as a joke by Brian LaBelle who intended to mock the city’s plan to build a pricey new arena, but the idea began to gain traction. LaBelle started a petition for the project along with the following argument for why the statue would be important:

It is important to build this statue because in order for Edmonton to be considered a “world class” city, we NEED a statue similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Wolverine is arguably the most famous Albertan around the world and this statue would be a major boon for tourism in the city. It is also important because it is what is commonly referred to as a “catalyst project”, meaning it will spur greater growth on the downtown of Alberta’s capital city and create numerous spin-off projects in much the same way that the X-Men comic book spun off dozens of other successful books. In order for Edmonton to join the ranks of other world-class cities we need a hero to champion Edmonton across the globe, because Wolverine already does that as a former student at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and as the current Headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters, he is the natural choice. Please don’t miss this opportunity to revitalize our downtown core Edmonton City Council, I fear the downtown arena and other developments will be in jeopardy if we don’t.

Granted, the idea of a 1,000 foot statue is completely absurd, but there is hope that a scaled down version might actually happen. Speaking with the Edmonton Journal, local comic book shop owner Jay Bardyla had this to say:

“If we had a 20-foot statue, I think that would be cool. Of course, I’m a comic book guy, and it pushes all my buttons. But of all the superheroes, he has the most authentic ties, not just to Canada, but to Edmonton. If we could make Wolverine ours, we’d get a lot of buzz, a lot of international press.”

The first step would be for LaBelle to take the petition to council. However, he might want to turn his attention to Kickstarter like the people behind the successful Detroit RoboCop campaign did.

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