Captain Jack As The Next Doctor? John Barrowman Has Thoughts On That

John Barrowman has loved being part of the Doctor Who universe. He’d be happy to return to his role as Captain Jack Harkness in either the primary series or on the spinoff Torchwood, and fans would love to have him back. His fans are actually pretty rabid, and they’d take him back in any form. Even as the 12th Doctor. Huh?

At the recent C2E2 someone interviewed Barrowman and told him that he was on some list of top ten choices for the next Doctor (since the nature of the show demands Matt Smith has to depart eventually). He was flattered, but then he paused to give the matter some consideration.

“That is awesome. How would that work? Captain Jack, he is a Time Agent, and he is immortal, but he doesn’t regenerate, he just doesn’t age in the way that everybody else does, or ages very slowly. So it could work. They could find out that he has another heart, and they could find out that he is a Time Lord. See, I’m already writing the fan fiction in my head.”

He was just putting thoughts out there, but I hope no one takes him seriously. As much as I adore Captain Jack, him turning out to be a Time Lord? Too much. Just too much.

(via MTV Geek)


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