Awesome Dad Built An Incredible Star Wars Snowspeeder Out Of Cardboard

Using leftover cardboard boxes, doting dad John Stoddard gave his six-year-old daughter the gift of a Star Wars snowspeeder for her school’s annual “drive-in” movie event, which involves kids and their parents bringing a cardboard car or spaceship to sit in while they watch a movie on the last day before summer break.

Although it looks ready for battle, the craft is actually made from empty Cuisinart and refrigerator boxes held together by duct tape and gummed paper tape. Cannons were made from discarded carpet tube before everything received a coat of gray paint. Air intakes were then added, at which point John’s wife took over, adding the orange stripes and other finely painted details.

As the top photo reveals, John’s daughter was thrilled with the result. He also posted a series of images on Imgur detailing how everything came together, which will hopefully inspire similar projects. Oh, and if you noticed the wing of a second ship in the corner of that top pic, it would be the X-Wing created by John’s brother a few years back:

(via The Verge)


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