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Carrie Fisher Is Giving Advice From The Dark Side


Carrie Fisher has been through some serious ups and downs in her life, but she’s always been honest and managed to have a sense of humor about it.

To that end, she’s helming a new advice column for The Guardian called, oh so aptly, Advice From The Dark Side.

Now, I want you all to consider calling upon me with your carefuls and I will provide solicited advice, based on a life filled with pratfalls and accidents (both in traffic and out). But – and I say this with a thing like love – let the questions come from the younger members of our congested world.

No, really. I can’t help you with your homework; but I can tell you what I did if I’ve had an experience like yours. Throw it at my wall and see what sticks. What you do with that info is up to you.

Hilariously – after all the drug addiction and celebration marriage and mental illness and divorce and shock treatment and heartbreak and motherhood and childhood and neighborhood and hood in general – I’ve turned out to be (at close to 70) a kind of happy person (go figure!). A human who’s had her fair share of challenging and unhappy experiences. Over time, I’ve paid attention, taken notes and forgotten easily half of everything I’ve gone through. But I’ll rifle through the half I recall and lay it at your feet.

If Carrie Fisher has come through the things in her life with her sense of humor intact, then I’m more than willing to listen to her advice on life. You can ask for her advice by emailing and may the Force be with you.

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