Check Out The Walking Dead’s Zombie Obstacle Course At Comic-Con

If you’ve always wanted to feel what it’s like to run for your life from zombies, here’s your chance! After months of planning, The Walking Dead zombie obstacle course is open for the weekend near San Diego Comic-Con at Petco Park. It’s staffed by a staggering 600 people, and it seems like quite the zombie apocalypse experience. There are 15 obstacles to get through, and you can either participate or observe. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

I like that it sort of seems like a sporting event. From Blastr:

Tickets are $75 for those who’d like to run the course, which could take you anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your athletic ability and which obstacles you take on, and $15 if you’d like to just stand by and watch your friends give it a try. An estimated 10,000 survivors are expected to run the course this weekend, along with 4,000 spectators and 650 zombies, who will be transformed by The Walking Dead‘s special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero and his team of 15 zombie makeup experts.

Ten thousand participants. It sounds like a huge number but given the way that most counts are underestimated at Comic-Con, I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers soared above that. The participants will have to navigate through a post-apocalyptic landscape littered with overturned cars, “dead” bodies, blood, and zombies. The undead will follow you and try to get their hands on you to “infect” you. At the end of the obstacle course the staff will scan you with a blue light to see if the zombies have left behind ink on your skin.

Even Robert Kirkman is blown away by the event:

The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego is a sight to behold,” Kirkman said. “You’d think I’d be bored with seeing The Walking Dead come to life after watching nearly three seasons of the show come together, but seeing this obstacle course for the first time really blew me away. In this version of The Walking Dead, the fans can actually experience it firsthand.”

Check out a video of the course after the break.

(The Hollywood Reporter)


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