Check Out This Fantastic Star Wars Radio Drama Starring Han Solo!

You can never do all the things you want to do at conventions; it’s impossible. You have to pick and choose, and the cool stuff always happens at the same time. Smuggler’s Gambit, an original Star Wars radio drama, was performed live at Celebration VI, and I couldn’t attend. I was bummed. Luckily for all of us though, the 35 minute tale has been made available for everyone to enjoy.

The story penned by Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto revisits the period right after the Battle of Yavin; Han Solo questions whether he really belongs with the Rebel Alliance and he and Chewbacca wander off on their own and stumble into adventure. It’s action-packed, fun, and brought to life by crazy talented voice actors like Dave Collins, Ashley Eckstein, Sam Witwer, Matt Lanter, Dee Bradley Baker, Daniel Logan, and more!

Newman directed, and Jimmy “Mac” McInerney of the popular Forcecast podcast added over 100 sound effects and music cues. The tale definitely captures the spirit of Star Wars, and Collins’ performance as Han Solo will blow you away. He nails the voice and tone.

Though I wish I would have been able to see it performed live – which by the way, the recording is of the live event that they did without multiple takes or a full cast rehearsal – getting to listen to it is good enough. I would love to see more audio plays like this produced.

Listen and download Smuggler’s Gambit at the Official Blog!

(Cast image by Jim Carchidi)


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